Friday, January 30, 2009

The loss of a friend

This morning at 8:15 a very good family friend passed away. Ken Irwin has been in my life for a long time. The earliest and strongest memory I have of Ken is riding in his van to Flippin AR to watch my dad and Kevin(Ken's brother) play softball. There were too many people in the van. I remember Teresa(his sister in law) sitting on a cooler between the captains chairs. I don't really remember specific details of the ride I just know it is a happy memory. I have many more memories of Ken all of his happy go lucky and caring personality. He tried to help so many kids in the area. His house was one that you could go to if you needed a place to stay or just get a way for a little while. Some of those kids took advantage of him but there are countless kids that he helped.

I am sad for his family. We lost a friend, Kevin and his siblings lost a brother, his parents lost their son and his children lost their father.

My thoughts are with his entire family. We will miss you Ken!

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