Monday, October 12, 2009

Wedding Planning

Well the wedding expos and open houses are over for the fall and I am soooo happy about that. I attended two wedding expos a reception tour and a bridal shop open house. I was confused and indecisive before but after those four events I was even more confused which made me more indecisive. There are so many different options and ways to do things.

I am of course working on a budget, well my parent's budget. I have a lot of ideas but then pricing those ideas sometimes doesn't turn out the way I had hoped.

I have chosen a dress and it has been ordered. I would post a picture of it but just in the very slim chance that Chago may read my blog I am not going to. He has been pretty clear that he doesn't want to know anything about it. If you would like to see it let me know and I can show you where to find it online.

I have also picked a venue for the ceremony and reception. Chago did help with this decision. I narrowed the options to two. We visited both places and he made the final decision. It will be at the Tower Club in Springfield MO. There are some layout issues that my mom and I are working out but I think it is going to be awesome.

I think that we are going to have cupcakes instead of a cake. Chago is not a really big sweets fan so I thought we could do something different and hopefully a little cheaper. Does anyone know the meaning behind that or do we just do it because we think we have to? I don't think we are going to do it.

My dad's family loves scratch off lottery tickets. My uncle actually just won $10,000 from a $5 ticket. It is a Friday night ritual with my family. So I thought it would be fun to buy scratch off lottery tickets for my favors with a little card or something with a cheesy saying about lucky in lover or ???

Right now I am trying to get my two bridesmaids to look at some dresses. They are both very different and I would like to give them some freedom in choosing their dress. I would like for it to be something that they could potentially wear again. I don't know how well that is going to work out but I hope that they will pick something soon. It is one more thing checked off my list.

There are a few other details that I have in mind but we still have a ton to do. I did corner my mom into helping me with a spreadsheet to help us know what we have to do when and how much it will cost. It took a few hours to compile the spreadsheet but I think it is going to be well worth our time. It is all so organized! Have I mentioned how much I like lists??

I am looking forward to some more planning but hopefully Chago will be able to help me a little more after December when he returns to Springfield. I just hope he doesn't turn into a Groomzilla!! He has it in him.

Another update coming soon!!


  1. I like your blog Carla. It is nice to find someone else who posts about as often as I do. I loved your engagement pics. They are great. Your ideas for the lottery tickets and cupcakes are very unique. I say go for it. It is always nice to go to a wedding that fits the couple instead of just sticking with tradition for traditions sake!

    So how did all you squirrely girls make your blogs so fancy?

  2. How exciting! The Tower Club will be so fancy! So, what is the exact date again? Will Chago be back for good in December? :)

  3. Do you have pics of the Tower Club or a link? I'd love to see it...a cupcake cake is different and more trendy than the traditional cakes, the fun part is going to the tastings with the pastry chefs and caterer's...have you decided on a date...we want to put our plans in place so that we all can be there...