Friday, March 6, 2009

The Love of the Game

Last week I was asked if I wanted to play in a co-ed softball league. I quickly said yes.

My dad has played softball all of my 30 years. As soon as it was warm enough not to damage a bat we were traveling somewhere and everywhere for a tournament. My sister and I were the kids playing under the bleachers trying to avoid the inevitable sunburn. My sister and I also instinctively picked up our dad's love of the game. Until we were old enough to figure it out we were the ball fetchers at batting practice. We played in summer leagues until we were too old.

That begins to explain why I so quickly said yes to the invitation to play in the league. Once I said yes I realized that I didn't have a glove. The last good glove I had I had loaned to my sister and I never saw it again. Last Friday I had some time off from work and my dad had asked me to come to Waynesville for the day. I was glad to get to see him so I said I would make my way down there. I had told him that I had been asked to play in a co-ed league and about my glove dilema. There is one sporting goods store in Waynesville so I asked my dad if he would go with me to help me pick out a decent glove. He gladly said he would.

At the sporting goods store we went straight for the gloves. He went to one end and I went to the other. He was trying some on and found one that he liked. We looked over a few more and decided to get the one he found. I also wanted to get some oil to help me break in my glove. We had a choice of a can of something that you heat up in the oven and a spray bottle of Mink oil. After some jokes about possibly blowing up the house with the heat up can we decided on the spray Mink oil. While walking to the cashier my dad hands me some money to pay for the glove and oil. I didn't expect that but it made the glove that much more special.

We went back to my dad's house to work on our gloves. We sat in the living room watching some judge show working on our gloves. He also let me use his older bat which was great because I didn't have one yet and definetely couldn't afford to buy a good bat. They can get really pricey.

I think my dad was as excited as I was about me playing in the league. I had a great day with my dad that took me back to my childhood when we really lived softball. I loved it!

Thanks Dad!

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